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I seem to get myself continually into huge projects.  They are wonderfully rewarding, but much-much work.  Here are some samples of some of the things that I really do enjoy doing. 

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My dogs are my passion and my graphic designs are my art.
I love to see the evolution of what I am creating.   am getting some great stuff, if I do say so myself.
The dogs in this picture belong to Sheila Koty, Trish Inman, myself, and Shelle McGillivary.
The art is all mine.

Observing the wildlife and changes out my back door is amazing.  I never thought that I would be living in my camp ground.  Our home page shows more of out wonderful back yard.

Sewing ruffly dresses for Nicole (my granddaughter) is one of my favorite pastimes.  Don't worry, not everything I make for her has ruffles and bows.  If you click this photo you will see a collection of some of the outfits I have made my "little sweetheart".

I made both my bridesmaid dress and my sisters wedding dress.

Both my granddaughter and my puppies bring wonderful joy to my life.  Be sure to visit the Beaver Creek Poms page for the continuing "Puppy Project".  This "project" has rapidly grown  into a wonderful fulfilling labor of love. I have rapidly gotten into show and breeding.  I have met a lot of wonderful people who have taught me much.  Keep checking back to see how it is going.

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