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Gn'BCPoms was the combined efforts of Gemini and Beaver Creek Poms.
We had a great run and have many wonderful memories to carry us forward.

Phil Grp Win  AM/Phil CH Chrisden's Jumbo Mambo "Janno"
Pedigree   DOB 09/24/97
Sire:  Bis/Biss AM/Phil CH Jan-Le's Makin Trax To Pompeii
Dam:  Valcopy Wakhan Liz Taylor

We are VERY grateful to Mary at MNM Pomeranians who allowed us to be Janno's home through the end of his life.  We have produced some wonderful children from him giving us  very solid foundation.  We were very impressed with the description that Mary had on her site and wanted to use him from the moment we saw him, never dreaming that we would own him.

We had a great time at the Columbia Pom Club Specialty showing off our square dark and handsome Janno! We had him in Vet sweeps where he won Best in Vet Sweeps both days!

And he loved it.  Never missed a beat and acted like he owned the joint.

 Janno's Get  (click here to see Janno puppies)

"Janno is a virtual "powerhouse" in movement ... such super sound front and rear on this boy! He has a wonderful head, small ears, great bone and personality galore with tremendous lifeforce! He is an all-around delight to possess! " - author Mary Wells

Janno's AKC Wins



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