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Gn'BCPoms was the combined efforts of Gemini and Beaver Creek Poms.
We had a great run and have many wonderful memories to carry us forward.

Standing At Stud


It isn't often, but occasionally we do allow the use of one of our boys for stud services.  Please contact one of us if we have a boy that you are wanting to use for stud.


Terms, Guarantees and Pricing
for Stud Use


  • Bitch must have a negative brucellosis test within two weeks of shipping, she must be current in all vaccinations and free of parasites.  Documentation is required.

  • Additional fees include $5.00 per day boarding.

  • Travel fee to and from airport $35 total for pick up and drop off (unless otherwise noted with the stud listing).

  • Stud fee and 10 days kennel fee are due prior to the breeding.  Balance of kennel fee is due prior to return shipment.

  • Bitch owner is responsible for shipping and all related shipping charges (to and from), including vet health certificates and airline insurance.  Return shipping will be sent collect for the shipping charges.

  • Should the health certificate need renewed prior to the bitch's return payment for that is to be delivered prior to shipping.

  • Bitch owner is responsible for any and all necessary Vet needs incurred during their stay, including accident or injury (we have never had an accident of any kind with a visiting bitch).

  • Bitch owner must guarantee that all pet puppies are spay or neutered before they leave their possession into pet homes.

Guarantees from Stud owner

  • Stud has clean brucellosis test, is current on all vaccinations and is free of parasites.

  • We do not breed to bitches who have not been tested for brucellosis.

  • In the event a breeding was not successful (did not result in any live puppies at 24 hours) the breeding may repeated up to two additional times (an alternate approved bitch may be used).  All shipping and Vet health certificate fees, related to these repeat breedings, are the responsibility of the bitch owner.  This credit will be valid up to two years from the first breeding, after which the guarantee becomes null and void, all monies being forfeit

  • All the dogs listed above are proven producing studs.

  • We will do all within our power to protect your bitch from accident and/or injury during their stay. 

Items we are NOT making any guarantee on

  • The ability of the bitch to breed or carry a litter is not our responsibility.  No monies will be refunded in the event of no puppies.  We will carry the two year credit indicated above relating to repeat breedings.

  • We will not guarantee the quality of puppies in a litter as quality is inherited from both sites of the linage.

  • We will not guarantee the quantity of puppies in a litter as that is natural selection within the mothers womb.

  • We are not responsible for accident or illness that are the result of shipping.

How we are calculating our stud fee (all CH titles in pricing refer to AKC awards)

  • $500 - Proven CH Stud with CH Get

  • $400 - Proven CH Stud

  • $350 - Proven non-CH Stud with CH Sire

  • $300 - Proven non-CH Stud

Contact Trish or Christy for more information.




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