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"Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful." -Ann Landers

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Breeders Resources

  Genetics (listed by Author)
Dr. John B. Armstrong
Inbreeding and Diversity
A Genetic Primer for Breeders
Genetic Load
The Argument for Assortative Mating
Demystifying Inbreeding Coefficients
The Nature of Genetic Disease
The Value of Population Genetics to the Breeder
Longevity in the Standard Poodle
Results of the Standard Poodle Longevity Study
Color Genes in the Poodle
The Influence of Wycliffe on the Black Standard Poodle
Diversity in the Standard Poodle
Diversity and the Purebred Dog:
(The Poodle and the Chocolate Cake)
Pedigree Analysis: Bloat in the Standard Poodle
The Bourns Test Litters for Dayblindness in Malamutes
Dr. Jeffrey Bragg
Purebred Dog Breeds into the Twenty-First Century:-Achieving Genetic Health for Our Dogs
The Genetic Tide Continues to Swell: - Will DNA marker research stop the flood?
Barbara G. Licht, Ph.D., Mark H. Licht, Ph.D. & Kathleen M. Harper, DVM, Ph.D.
Genetic Research Strategies: The Example of Canine Epilepsy
Dr. Catherine Marley
Breeding - Dogs or Pedigrees?
Genetic Diversity: The Dark Side of Inbreeding
The Lhasa and the Chocolate Cake
Gary F. Mason
Eliminating Genetic Disease
from the NSAE NEWS
Inbreeding, Linebreeding and Crossbreeding
C.A. Sharp
The Price of Popularity: Popular Sires and Population Genetics
Jill Swedlow
To breed or Not to breed? That is the Question!
Jill Evans
The Great Striptease Show or Understanding Dane Coat Color
Mary Whiteley, Ph.D.
Genetic Testing: A Guide for Breeders


Touching Sentiment

Set of Articles We Have Collected  
These are articles we have found on-line or been sent.  In some cases we were unable to identify the location of the original document.  Where known, we have linked to the site and/or identified the author of that document.   If you see a document where we have not identified that information please contact me with it so that I can make those updates.

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